Same Day Taj Mahal Tour by Car


Holi is one of the most popular and ancient festival celebrated in India. It is also known as the” festival of colours”. It is celebrated with full enthusiasm and fervour in all parts of the country. Not only in India Holi is also popular in other countries.” Lathmar holi ” , one of the most famous form of holi is celebrated in Barsana , a small village 15 kms from Vrindavan . Tourists and pilgrims from all over India as well as from abroad visit Barsana to witness Lathmar Holi.

Men wearing turbans and wearing traditionally dresses flock from other cities and villages to Barsana to play Holi and sing songs to gain attention of women. Women beautifully dressed in sarees welcome men not with colours but with sticks. On the other hand men use shields to protect themselves and this sight of women beating a men is electrifying. People sprinkle vibrant colors on each other and enjoy the festival with full zest . It is amazing to see people drenched in brilliant colours and dancing on drum beats.

According to mythological tales, it is believed that Lord Krishna visit Barsana to play Holi with his beloved Radha. Holi is regarded as the celebration of divine love of Radha and Krishna. This annual festival has become immensely popular over the years and draws thousands of devotees from across the country.

One of the tourist from United States, who witnessed the festival for the first time said she had never experienced something as exciting and thrilling as this. “I am fascinated by it. It’s my first Holi and I have a lot of questions about how Holi began to be celebrated. But it is amazing and dazzling to see all the colours over the street and to hear the drumbeats and to see the pilgrims thronging the temples and the dancing and the festivities and the happiness and the joy”.

The celebration of Holi at Barsana is unforgettable life time experience, filled with spirit of devotion for lord Krishna, the archetypal figure of romance and revelry.


Day 1 : – Pickup from Delhi and drive towards Mathura. Hotel checkin hotel in late afternoon. Walk around the city taking pictures and sightseeing.

Day 2 : – Go around the village and familiarize with the locations. Shoot Holi celebrations and local people.

Day 3 : – Photo tour of Lathmaar Holi celebrations in Barsaana

Day 4 : –  Photo tour of Holi celebrations in Mathura

Day 5 : – Drive to Agra and photo walk in Agra town. Shoot Taj Mahal from the other side of the river in the evening.

Day 6 : – Full day at Agra – In the morning shoot from the premises of Taj Mahal. Visit Agra Fort, Itmad-Ul-Daulah tomb and a few other attractions Drive back to Delhi in the afternoon and reach by evening.



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