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Agra Heritage Walk


Explore the city totally in a new and fascinating way. Our Agra walking tours are designed for those who want to do beyond just the tourism! Access places which you would miss in a normal visit. Discover the cultural heritage of the city, food, textile, art and much more. You will pass through some incredible locations during your walk such as Agra Fort Railway Station, the oldest station in the city, Jama Masjid, the largest Friday Mosque, Mankameshwar Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva, Rawat Para, the spice market, Kinari Bazar, the famous jewelry market, taste some tasty food on the street (your choice), and enjoy a rickshaw ride.


Details of Agra Heritage Tour

You will be picked up from your hotel or previously decided location in the afternoon and head to the Agra Fort Army Gate. Our representative (Guide) will give you some guidelines for you to keep in mind during the walk. You will experience and get to know all about the locations you pass through as our guide explains in detail. You are encouraged to express your curiosity and queries so that you are well informed.

You start with the first and the oldest railway station of Agra, Agra Fort Station. It was originally built by the Britishers as a stoppage point for colonial tourists and travelers to visit Agra. Thus, it has a colonial style with slate roofed platforms.

You will then stop at the Jama Masjid, the biggest Friday Mosque of the city. Mostly built with red sand stone and the domes in marble with a zigzag pattern is very attractive and is commissioned by Jahanara Begum, the daughter of Emperor Shahjahan

Heading towards the Mankameshwar Temple, you will pass through the lively wholesale markets of the city. It is an experience of how the bazar is different from the organized markets we see in other cities and countries.

The Mankameshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and believed that the Shiva Linga there is established by Lord Shiva himself. You will encounter many devotees coming to temple for offering prayer and worship.

The spice market awaits you in a couple of minutes' walks in Rawat Para. As you get closer you will get the aroma of different spices and you can explore different types of spices and cans of pickles of various kind and taste.

You will then visit the Kinari Bazar, the Jewelry Market of Agra. It used to be known for the Kinari (the border-the colourful edge) of Saree and dresses with gold and silver. But now a days the market makes gold and silver jewelries.

Now, visit one of the oldest food shops of the city dates back to 1840 for its authentic taste and quality. You may also get to see how they are made and taste some as well.

You may also have an experience of cycle rickshaw locally used for short trips through the busy and crowded bazars. The small ride ends at the banks of the river Yamuna from where you will get a view of the TajMahal and the Agra Fort.

Our walk comes to an end and you will be dropped back to your hotel by our representative. Relax and cherish the interesting facts, culture, stories and sights you got to know for the rest of the day!

Note: This tour is customizable. In case you want to do so, inform or discuss and plan with us prior to your booking.

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